MamaSavings Deposit Scheme is a fixed return deposit account which aims to provide depositor(s) with greater RETURNS in their savings that complies to the SHARIAH principles. The Deposit Scheme has been approved by Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (“SKM”) via its letter dated 27 June 2012. The Deposit Scheme is also designed to be in full compliance with SKM’s Guidelines GP9 – Garis Panduan Mengenai Pengambilan Simpanan Khas Dan Deposit Atau Penerimaan Pinjaman (“Recruitment of Special Savings & Loan Deposit Receipt”) and shall use the Shariah principles of Al-Wadiah Yad Dhamanah.

The Deposit Scheme is SOLELY used to provide Shariah-compliant Personal Financing facility to KoSimpanan member(s) who are Government Servant under the PapaFinancing Shariah-compliant Financing Facility.

A Prospectus is required to be issued to the members in relation to the Deposit Scheme.